The Company La Représentation Fiscale (LRF) was created in January 1963 with the purpose of assistance and representation of companies based outside France, mainly in relation to VAT.

For over 50 years now, our company continues to specialize on fiscal representation for both VAT and other indirect taxes.

With this experience, our team supports companies from all countries to register for VAT in France, prepare and file their VAT returns, obtain VAT refunds (participation in fairs, imports, expenses supported by liaison offices … ), and give them any advice on VAT.

We strive to provide our services according to the highest quality standards, anxious to build a relationship of trust within the framework of a long-term partnership. We identify with our customers the step to be taken to secure the management of their reporting formalities and payment of VAT and anticipate requests for justification by the tax authorities.

We can communicate with our clients in English, Polish and Russian.

Through a network of correspondents based in 16 Member States of the European Union, we are able to provide the same services in these countries.

We are a founding member of the Association of French Tax Representatives (ARFF), a professional association with a mission to offer its Members a forum for discussion and exchange on any tax or customs subject related to the tasks of accredited tax representative. Consisting of leading actors in tax representation established in France and recognized for their professionalism, competence and experience, the role of the ARFF is also to represent its Members before the Tax and Customs Adminitrations and thus convey the specific concerns of its Members, but also to contribute to the overall reflection on the mission of tax representative.


Our customers are large multinational groups  as well as small and medium sized companies.


Switzerland, Andorra, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapour, Virgin Islands, Channel Islands , USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Kuwaït, Russia, Japan, India, Malta, Isle of Man, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Poland,  United Kingdom, Brazil, Norway, New Zealand, France…


Food and beverages, Arts, Insurance, Aircraft Industry, Consumer goods manufacture, Railway, Events (trade fair organizer), Supply of gas, Real estate (building, premises rental), Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Computing, E-gaming, Oil and by-products, Newspapers publishers, Textile, Traders (fertilizers, oil), Distance sales to private persons, Yachting (charter, spare parts).


It is always a pleasure to give the references of people providing efficient and professional services.

Nicolas Blazy,
Esports Natura

 I am very happy with the work that you performed on a very tight deadline.  It is much appreciated.

 Tom Price
tax expert

 During a meeting with my auditors, the firm … I talked about the good work you performed for my client Mr ….

 Hubert d’ Honincthun

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