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VAT, customs, excise claim AND LITIGATION

In case of rejection of a VAT refund claim, or in case of tax collection of an additional VAT or customs duty or excise duty further to a tax audit, it is possible to introduce a claim to challenge the position of the tax or customs services and to present its case on the basis of law or facts justifying the reduction of the tax burden. We help you there.

The decision of tax or customs authorities on the claim can still be appealed before the administrative courts (VAT) or judicial courts (Customs, Excise) as appropriate.


At the stage of the administrative procedure, we support you as we strive to establish the foundations of a good dialogue with the tax and customs services to maximize the chances of recognition of your rights and to win the case.

In the event of litigation in the courts, we can coordinate with your lawyers or lawyers with whom we are used to work, in your best interests.

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