Déclaration d'echange de bien

when do you have to submit aN intrastat return iN FRANCE?

In principle, all businesses that deliver/dispatch or acquire/introduce goods to or from a EU Member State should provide statistic (Intrastat) and tax information to the French authorities via an Intrastat return (Déclaration d’échanges de biens entre les Etats members).  With respect to businesses based outside France, this obligation notably concerns the following cases, e.g.:

  •  when goods are shipped from another EU Member State to be stored in a warehouse in France (intra-Community acquisitions), subject to simplification measure for consignment stocks when goods are sold within a 3-month period;
  •  when goods are shipped from France to an EU Member State to delivered to a business client (intra-Community supplies).

WHAT IS THE TIME LIMIT for submitting an intrastat return ?

This document must be submitted on a monthly basis. The filing date is 10 working days following the month during which the VAT is due (for intra-Community deliveries and acquisitions) or the month during which the transfer of goods occurred (in other circumstances e.g. contract work, repairs).


Your company is relieved of the obligation to submit a declaration for arrivals if their value does not exceed a yearly threshold of € 460.000.

For information, the following data are required for the purpose of Intrastat returns (level 1):

  • Number of line;
  • Commodity code of the goods (i.e. the 8-digit code number indicated in the Intrastat nomenclature);
  • Member State of dispatches of the goods dispatched to France or Member State of arrivals of the goods dispatched from France;
  • Invoice value in EUR;
  • Régime code;
  • Statistical value;
  • Net mass of goods;
  • Supplementary unit if used (e.g. number of items, number of m2, m3, pairs, dozens);
  • Nature of transaction (e.g. purchase/sale, return of goods, supply free of charge, acquisition/supply with a view to processing, repair, or maintenance, acquisition/supply after processing, repair or maintenance);
  • Terms of delivery;
  • Mode of transport by which the goods are presumed to have left or entered France;
  • Department;
  • Country of origin (for arrivals only);
  • VAT number of the acquirer (for intra-Community deliveries from France only);

what are the RISkS of PeNALTies ?

The penalty for late filing is € 750, or possibly € 1,500 if the report is not filed within 30 days after the French authorities issue a formal notice.

Omissions or inaccuracies on Intrastat return are sanctioned by a € 15 fine per missing/wrong data with a maximum of € 1,500 per Intrastat return.  A € 1,500 may also apply if a taxable person refuses to provide information or documents to the French authorities.

what can we do for you ?

PROVIDE TEMPLATE  with a view to gathering the relevant information for the purpose of periodical Intrastat return depending on the relevant information level;

REVIEW of sales and purchase INVOICES  in support of operations;


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