Centralized customs clearance

Since May 1, 2016, the single clearance procedure is no longer granted and is replaced by the centralized clearance procedure.

Centralized clearance allows a person to submit to a customs office (known as “Declaration”) a customs declaration in respect of goods presented in the jurisdiction of another customs office (called “Presentation”).

In other words, centralized clearance allows traders to have a single point of contact (registration office) for customs clearance and centralize, thus, all customs formalities, including filing customs returns, at this single customs office regardless of the place of presentation of the goods. This process consequently leads to separate the physical flow of document flows of goods, both at import and export.

It is intended to apply both in EU and France, depending on whether the customs offices involved are located on the national customs territory, or in several Member States.  In the EU, the procedure will however not be operational before 2020.


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